ROUND ROBIN 2018-2019

NAC SWIM CLUB NAC Level 3 (Long Course) Feb 17th. (A+, A, A Dev, B+,B). Closed.

McCullagh International Meet 2019 Feb 22-24th Bangor, Level 5 (Qt’s apply) QTs. Closed.

ST Fiacc’s Gala Athy Level 3 March 2ndEvent List (A+,A, A Dev, B+, B) Closed.

Leinster Open Qualifying Gala NAC Level 3 (Long Course) March 8th-10th (Qt’s apply).

*******Courtown Round Robin March 10th Enniscorthy  (B, C and D)( MOVED TO MARCH 31st)******

Wexford Spring Gala Level 3 March 24th. (All A+, A, A Dev, B+, B).

Irish Open Championships 2019 March 27-31st NAC (Long Course Qt’s only apply).

New Ross Swim Club Level 3 Apr 6-7th New Ross (A+, A, A Dev, B+, B).

Kilkenny Swim Club Gala Level 2 Apr 20th. (B and C).

Leinster Division 2 NAC Level 2  (Long Course) May 5th (Slower than times apply).

Swim Swansea Swim Club Gala Swansea Level 3 (Long Course) May tbc (South Leinster Squad only, Qt’s apply).

Wexford Summer Distance Gala Level 3 May 11th (A+, A, A Dev, B+,).

Wexford Summer Gala Level 3 May 12th Hy-Tek file (A+, A, A Dev, B+ B.)

Leinster B Schools Gala Kilkenny  Level 2 May 19th.

Sat 25th-26th May Aer Lingus SC (A+, A, A DEV, B+, B.)

Leinster Age Groups Division 1 Gala NAC Level 4 May 31st- June 2nd (Qt’s apply).

NAC Swim Club Gala Level 3 (Long Course) June 9th (A+, A, A Dev, B+, B).


Wexford Small Fry Gala Level 2 June 16th Hy-Tek file (B, C and D, B+)

Irish National Division 2 Championships 2019 UL Limerick July 11-14th (Qt’s achieved at Level 3 apply).

Irish National Summer LC Championships 2019 NAC July 24-28th (Long Course Qt’s only apply)